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WTPL Board Biographies

Director of the West Texas Premier League



Phone #:806-438-5997

LSA Girls Commissioner (2016 –2018)
LSA Girls U11&Up Commissioner (2011?-2016)

Reasons for Running
I am running for this position because I wish to continue to play a role in the development of soccer as a sport in our community and to help in whatever way possible to provide an outlet for kids to play a sport that I am passionate about. Soccer has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old whether that was as a player, coach, referee, commissioner, or parent. I have participated in some capacity in the soccer community at both the recreational and club levels for almost 40 years. My girls have both played soccer in the West Texas Premier League and I would do whatever I am capable of to help promote, maintain, and develop the league as it serves a great place in West Texas as an outlet for kids to play at the club level while not having to travel and incur the costs of leagues much further away. As a West Texas native and parent of club level soccer players I fully understand the important role that the WTPL serves and I would love to be a part of it.



Deputy Director



My name is David Hisaw and I am running as a candidate for WTPL Deputy Director. I know everyone is busy with soccer so I will keep this as brief as possible. I have been involved in soccer over the last 25 years. My various roles include soccer dad, coach, board member, referee, referee assignor, tournament committees, A & D committee chairman and NTSSA Area Director. Below is a bio and thanks for your time and support.

I have been an OSA board from 2005 to present. My role is Director of Referees. This position allows me to work closely with new referees and help mentor them. I set up the referee clinics and help with recruiting of new referees. Since taking on this role I have built up the number of referees and the retention rate of existing referees is higher which is a direct result of my regular mentoring of these new referees.

I have been the OSA Referee Assignor for recreational and select soccer games for the past 20 seasons. The role of assignor gives me the ability to encourage referees to work more challenging games. I have also worked closely with other associations to help get all their games covered with qualified referees. I have worked with MSA on many occasions to help get enough referees for their tournaments. Also, I have recently began assigning the referees for the newly formed Academy League in Odessa.

I have assigned the referees for the past 6 OSA tournaments. This role gives me the opportunity to work directly with multiple soccer associations since a large number of referees are required to work the tournament schedule.

Although I do not currently coach a team at this time, the coaching license helps me to understand the challenges coaches face with the continuing rule changes. With the new USSF Player Initiative mandates starting in the fall the coaching knowledge is extremely valuable in understanding the effect it has on teams.

As the area administrator I work closely with Big Spring Youth, La Laguanna, Midland Soccer, Midland Adult Soccer, Odessa Soccer, Permian Basin Adult League, Petro-Plex Amateur League and Statik Soccer Club. As area administrator I submit quarterly reports to North Texas Soccer with concerns and
recommendations from these teams. These reports let the soccer community know their concerns are getting heard.

Formerly, I served as the WTPL Deputy Director. The Deputy Director is Chairman over the By-Laws & Playing Rules Committee and Appeals & Disciplinary Committee. I receive all misconduct reports and complaints of any nature that occurred at the fields. I take this role very serious and try to address every issue as quickly as possible. I do my best to hear all sides of every incident and resolving the matter in a fair and professional manner.

I have a referee for the past 16 years. I have officiated games in the recreational, club, high school, men’s, college and professional leagues.

I am a board member of the North Texas State Referee Committee. This committee reviews playing rules, the referee programs, instruction, registration, assessment and retention to find deficiencies and get back on track. With the new mandates this fall, the referee committee will be adjusting the teaching
material used in the clinics. The committee is very proactive in making adjustments to keep up with current changing playing rules.

I believe that my soccer experience over the past 25 years in West Texas will help WTPL in making the league grow and develop. Thank you for your consideration as WTPL Deputy Director.




2008-2010 U5 Girls Commissioner Lubbock Soccer Association
2010-2014 Boys Group Commissioner Lubbock Soccer Association
2015-2016 Rules Chairman Lubbock Soccer Association
2016-2017 Executive Vice President Lubbock Soccer Association
2017-Present President Lubbock Soccer Association

I have been involved with the Lubbock Soccer Association for about 15 years with my 2 children playing, coaching, being a referee and have served on the Board in various positions.
I have established strong working relationships and will continue to work to grow future relationships within the Lubbock Soccer Association and the community. Since I have served in
different spots on the LSA board, I feel I am well rounded in many different areas and can bring that knowledge to the position of President.

Reason for Running:
I am running for Treasurer because I feel that youth soccer is an investment about teaching lifelong lessons to our Community’s youth rather than winning at all costs. I want to focus on making our children and members the number one priority of our Association. I pride myself on listening to and
understanding the issues, working hard and trying not to take myself too seriously.  I strive to always be a contributor and work to find win-win solutions. Being involved with youth soccer has been both eye opening and rewarding. It really shows that it “takes a village” to teach these kids, but there is absolutely no better job out there. The relationships that have been formed and those that are yet to come, will definitely have a far reaching impact. WTPL is beneficial in so many ways, it is a privilege to be involved in its future. And most of all, I hope that I can help with making it a place for our youth to foster a love for soccer and continue to grow an organization that I hold dear to my heart.

Outside of Soccer:
Wow is there a life outside of soccer? Actually I work as a bookkeeper/office manager for 2 different companies but still am able to only work part time.